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We have created complete Apps that enable you start earning passive income from Adverts immediately! Our apps have been professionally designed and optimized for maximum user engagement and ad revenue.

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Choose from our comprehensive range of Apptizer Apps that cater to your specific needs, and complete your payment process through our user-friendly checkout system.

Customize and Publish App

We’ll publish your app on our Playstore account within 4-7 days, subject to Google Play’s approval speed. We follow best practices to expedite the process.

Earn Dollars

You start earning once a month back to back from 25th of the following month income accumulated from adverts displayed over the last month.\ to users of the App.


The benefits of Apptizer Apps are numerous including but not limited to

Passive income Earning

A one-time investment plug that keeps earning for you is the best earning model for the fact that you do not have to keep working while your earning is round the clock and in dollars.

Regular income

You are sure as long as we are in charge that your app keeps earning for you. We apply our experience and expertise to position your apps for maximal downloads, and usage and thereby maximize your earnings.

Unlimited Growth potentials

The more users that run your app, the more earning from the App. So with over 4 billion smartphones out there, the growth potentials are unlimited


The combination of rservices provided would actually amount to over $1700 on normal fair pricing.

However we would run an introductory price of $350 till 28th Febraury 2023.
This is one-time offer only limited to first 20 users and you should not miss it.
There after the price increases to a higher cost.

Select from one of the Apps listed above and check out to make a payment.  You will get the following:

What you get:

  1. Customized App
  2. Play store Publishing
  3. Ad Account
  4. Free Store Optimization (3 months)

Your earnings are unlimited, determined by a number of factors including number of downloads, daily usage and the number of times ads are displayed.

A quick estimate shows here 

Earnings should begin to trickle in from the next month after sign-up, precisely 25th of the month.


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